Jobseeker Profile Options

Once you have created an account (required) and you are on your personal details page on hovering over the ‘Profile’ button will give you several options:

  • You can view and/ or edit your personal details
  • View, upload or delete your CVs (Max. 3)
  • Add, view and/or edit your experience
  • Add, view and/or edit your Education & Skills information


This is where you will find your applications, notifications, favourited jobs and favourited companies.


Applications will list any applications made and also list the date and job title.

Under Notifications you will find your saved searches.

You can always turn on the email notifications for a saved search by activating the toggle button.


Shows your favourited jobs.

To save a job, click on the white heart icon. When this turns red, your job has been favourited!


Shows your favourited companies!

Clicking on ‘view jobs’ will swiftly take you to a list of your favourite company’s jobs.

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